(3 Star) GO-VA-HO attack strategy for TH9! Clash of Clans


Hello guys, today it’s last attack strategy for Town Hall lvl9 in Clash of Clans. It is the latest strategies and im very happy to use it in. This strategy called GO-VA-HO !Getting to the core and wiping out bases in Clash of Clans with Golems, Valkyries, and Hog Riders! Read more

Today I’m very excited to share with you my “ultimate Valkyrie strategy guide” for Town Hall 9! We’ll discuss many different variations and tips for using Valks in combination with Golems, Hogs, Wizards, and even Loons versus both Trophy and Anti 3 base designs. The Hog Rider is one of the most popular (and effective) units in all of Clash of Clans. Not only are they one of the coolest looking units, but their ability to hop over walls and target towers effectively makes them both the fastest ground and “flying” unit in the game that specifically targets enemy defensive structures. So it’s very useful and you can combine them with Valkyries and Golems pretty well! At the first sight i fall in love with this strategy. You can use your fantasy and win really easy.

Watch the video below, where you can find the best use of GO-VA-HO strategy. Comment below your experience 🙂




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