300 Bowlers + Wizards – Clash of Clans Max Bases Demolished

Maybe you can defend a max attack. But you can’t defend against 300 bowlers!

300 Bowlers and Wizards

To celebrate the new update, Supercell decided to let a lot of the Clash of Clans YouTubers get access to their sandbox and play with HUNDREDS of troops! Imagine the destruction if you could do this in a clan war or a farming attack.

We chose Galadon’s video since he always provide some of the greatest PG commentary. You’ll see 300 bowlers, wizards, golems and other troops in mass attacks. You’ll see max TH11 bases get shredded within a few seconds.

The new bowlers attack more than one building in one strike since they bounce off other buildings. So it is almost twice as quick! Add in some rage and it is pretty much destruction of a whole base is under a minute.

Check the video below for a bunch of different mass attacks that will never happen in real clash.

WATCH: 300 Bowlers, 300 Wizards and MORE!

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