Clash of Clans

  • most-powerful-troop

    Which New Troop Is Most Powerful?

    The new update in recent months gave us a few new troops and spells. Bowlers, Miners, Baby Dragon. New troops and old troops also got buffed as well, like Valks and Bowlers to be more effective. Find out the latest TH10-TH11 strategies.

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    Only Miners. Max 48 Miners Attack Maxed Out Bases

    The latest update gave us many new attacks. Why not see how effective these troops are? The Miner is a troop that digs around to attack buildings, they can go under walls and avoid some attacks. They are definitely one of the more unique strategies.

  • Miner Troop

    New Troop: Miner – Digs Underground To Kill Your Buildings

    Another new troop! This time it is the Miner. This Miner can dig underground and under your walls to attack. Although it is still unknown all the specifics, this can be a huge game changer for how people attack bases. Talk about a mass miner attack!

  • baby dragon troop

    New Troop: Baby Dragon Troop for May 2016 Update

    Clash of Clans is releasing a new troop coming soon and that is the Baby Dragon troop. This troop will only be half the capacity of a full dragon, which means you can get one for 10 capacity. Or 20 of these at max TH8.

  • may/june update attack clanmates

    UPDATE: Coming Soon, Attack Clanmates, Friendly Challenge, MORE!

    Supercell is releasing another update, this will a feature additions that involves attacking your clanmates, friendly challenges and also making private clan competitions. This is huge for clans and will change the way clans communicate and interact with one another. For full details read below.

  • bowler-troller

    Bowler Troller Clan Uses Bowlers Only for Free Gems!

    Free Gems from Galadon! Bowler Troller clan was formed by Galadon to create a contest of who can 3 star a base the quickest with bowlers only. They’ve set up their bowler bases and created their bowler armies. A lot of these attacks with bowlers worked really well…on lower level bases! Galadon needs a valk, […]

  • best-update-ever

    Update: Best Update Ever! Faster Training Time For Many Troops!

    The update that many clashers have been waiting for! Coming soon in May, many of the troops you’ve been training will be significantly reduced. So if you’re TH8 and higher, you’ll want to hear about the changes that Supercell is making. Many high tier troops and heroes will all be reduced in training time. Read […]

  • 359-Win-Clan

    Top LVL 10 Clan Destroyed! 359 Wins and 17 Win Streak Broken!

    When you get matched up, one thing you quickly check is what level clan they are. Level 10? Ok, So they are high level, maybe they’ve loss a lot. Oh shit, 359 wins?! Ok, lets see how they’ve been doing recently…17 win streak?!?!?!!!!! We’re screwed. That’s how most match ups work. But BarbarianParty was tough […]

  • cheaters-banned

    Dear Cheaters: You’re Getting Banned from Clash!

    Supercell is waging a war on cheaters that are using “mods” and “bots”. The most recent update that was released around April 23rd for iOS and Android has made it possible for Supercell to find cheaters using these mods and bots. There have been numerous reports and screenshots that show users being banned.