(Best ”GO” Strategies) GoHogs attack strategy TH 8! Clash of Clans


Hello, Today we continue our series of Best ”GO” Strategies for Clash of Clans. Many of you are interested mainly in tactics for TH8. So we want to show you tactic called GoHogs attack strategy TH8. As you know at the end of the series we will give you Special Free E-BOOK in which these strategies will describe in detail exactly! So read more a follow us!

GoHogs attack takes absolute precision, something as simple as messing up your wall breakers could ruin the entire raid. It takes a watchful eye to be able to place heals correctly and to deploy the hogs at the same time. Very bad against far spread bases, or bases with centralized point defense. I recommended it for better skill players. This is absolutely strong and funny strategy in good hands.

Composition of Troops GoHogs

  • (1x) Barbarian’s King
  • (21x) lvl 4 Hog
  • (2x) lvl 2 Golem
  • (6x) lvl 5 Wizzard
  • (3x) lvl 5 Wall Breaker
  • (5x) lvl 5 Archer


  • (2x) Healing Spell
  • (1x) Rage Spell
  • (1x) Poison spell


This attack works on almost all TH8 bases, but it works best on bases with neglected/low level point defense. It is also very effective against bases that have all or most of their point defense on the outermost ring of walls. The Golem-King portion of the attack should be able to take out at least 1 compartment before sending hogs, so a base with large compartments is also preferable.

At the end of this series, we will give you FREE E-BOOK with detailed instruction’s How to use this Strategy as the best players around the world! 🙂


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  1. I had a new attack bahewiva 1 barb king 7 healers level3 wiz 6in clan max level 8 valks level 2 and 20 archers and 3 wall breakers levl4 spellls one rage spell two healing spells of level 4 it can destroy th 8 need to destroy air defense

    • I have strategy too…
      1 pekka
      16 wiz
      2 healer
      3 archer
      2healing spell
      1 rage
      1 poison

      For raid..

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