(Best Strategies) GoHoWiWi attack TH9! Clash of Clans


What do you say to Strategy series Guildes? We decided that we bring you strategy series, which can really HELP YOU! We will add post’s about best strategies in Clash of Clans which we tried! Finally, We give you E-book in which these strategies will describe in detail exactly! Read more below about great GoHoWiWi attack strategy.

At TH9, GoHoWiWi is the basic hog attack used to 3 star many other TH9 bases as HoWi is most often no longer effective given there can be 2 sets of “double bomb” traps. Before using this strategy however you need to have the fundamental skills learned at TH8 for creating and funnelling a “kill squad”, using hogs and scouting bases in detail. The ideal base to use this attack on is one in which there are only a few likely locations for double bomb traps and whose locations are such that they can not be triggered by one or two hogs on their own (necessitating the golem kill squad).

Composition of Troops

  • (1) level 2+ Golem
  • (15-18) level 5 Hogs
  • (2-5) level 1+ Witches
  • (8-12) level 5 Wizards
  • (8-12) level 5 Wall Breakers
  • topped with level 5+ archers and barbarians.


  • (2-3)  level 5 heal spells
  • (1-2)  level 5 rage spells
  • (1)  level 3+ poison spell


At the end of this series, we will give you FREE E-BOOK with detailed instruction’s How to use this Strategy as the best players around the world! 🙂


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