(Best Strategies) GoWiVa attack strategy TH8! Clash of Clans


Hello, Today we continue our series of Best Strategies for Clash of Clans. Many of you are interested mainly in tactics for TH8. So we want to show you tactic called GoWiVa attack strategy TH8. As you know at the end of the series we will give you Special Free E-BOOK in which these strategies will describe in detail exactly! So read more a follow us!

GoWiVa is a quite new Clash of Clans attack strategy and not many players know about it. I would like to say that GoWiVa is a perfect alternative version of the GoWiPe strategy and much stronger (IMO). The name of this strategy is based on 3 main troops that we use: Golems, Wizards and Valkyrie. The best TH level to use this strategy is Town Hall 8. Because it is very expensive so we just should use it in Clan War. It is an better alternative of GoWiPe!

Composition of Troops

  • (1x) Barbarian’s King
  • (2x) lvl 2 Golem’s
  • (12x)  lvl 5 Wizard’s
  • (5x)  lvl 5 Wall Breaker’s
  • (11x) lvl 2 Valkyries’s


  • (2x) Healing Spell
  • (1x) Rage Spell


At the end of this series, we will give you FREE E-BOOK with detailed instruction’s How to use this Strategy as the best players around the world! 🙂


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