Clan War Strategy – Advantage to Help You Win Every War

Get the advantage you need to win every clan war on Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans War Strategies

Clan Wars is a tricky thing when it comes to matchmaking against clans. A mismatch in war is the saddest thing you can come across when getting matched up in war. We tell you how to solve that problem. Sometimes you can get matched up against clans with more higher level town halls, for instance at the top, you have 5 TH11s versus 7 TH11s.

Some quick tips along with the video from Clash with Ash’s best clan war strategies are:

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST – DO NOT RUSH YOUR BASES, That means always max before going to the next town hall. Walls and troops, everything.
  • Don’t go into war without all your heroes.
  • Use Town Hall .5 strategy. Like TH8.5, TH9.5, and sometimes even TH7.5. This is a strategy is mainly maxing offense and not building new town hall defenses.

For more tips on winning clan wars and not getting outmatched, check out the video below.

WATCH: Clan War Strategies to WIN!

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