Clash of Clans – Wall Breaker vs Town Hall? Epic fight!


Hello fans of Clash of Clans, certainly you know a number of tactics to destroy the town hall. But today we’ll show you something special. Do you believe that Wall Breaker’s can destroy TOWN HALL??? How is it possible? Check more below

There is no one strategy that is best for all bases and attackers, it is mostly about finding what strategy works for you best. You will most likely use a mix of strategies and it is a good idea to try out different troops mixes as you advance and your troops are leveled up.

What do you say about Wall Break strategy for totally destroy enemy TOWN HALL? Wall Breaker is one of the most popular troops in Clash of Clans besides Barbarians and Archers because of its special ability: Breaking Walls. Your first offense against enemy defense, these bomb-carrying boneheads take major issue with fortifications of any kind. Wall Breakers dash headlong into enemy walls, detonating their bombs to crack open enemy bases for the rest of your troops. But can Wall Breaker destroy TOWN HALL? YES! This is really crazy strategy, but it works.

Watch the video and make sure your own eyes, after comment below! 🙂


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