Clash of Clans – Walls Impossible to LOSE! Epic Defense


Hello guys, In recent days everyone talking about news which comes in New March Update for Clash of Clans. We’ll see what comes, but today we will show extremely strong defense! Mainly tactic is build good position Lava Wall + other defense structure. Read more below

Walls are destructible barriers that players can use to help protect their buildings and resources from enemy attacks. With enough upgrades, a single wall can have more health than any otherstructure in Clash of Clans. Players get more and more walls with each Town Hall upgrade, allowing them to make larger and more intricate base designs with every level.

Watch the video with full ”Wall defense Tactic” and comment below 🙂

Key for successfull defense is good placing of your wall. When you place your wall well and before your other defensive structure, so you can win very easy. There is some unique strategy when you place your strongest towers behind the Lave Walls. Very important is layout of your village and defense. If you know how to build your village than it’s pretty easily to successfull defend your sources. You can see complete defensive tactic with Lava Walls in the video below. So enjoy it and tell us your opinion.


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