Hello friends, that’s very interesting time for Clash of Clans now. We have a lot of New Troops after a Christmas Update. But today i want to show you Number 1 Most Overpowered Troop right NOW! So read more

In ”New” Clash of Clans is so many powerfull troops, but the defense is very strong too. I’m personally using most of units and heroes, but one of troops is my best after upgrade. So The Most OVERPOWERED TROOP in Clash of Cash right now is The WITCH level 3!

The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warriors. Fully Upgraded Witches on Level 3 raise massive wave of skeletons at a time. She has a low Hitpoints, but this raising of skeletons is so overpowered now. The skeletons are stronger than level 6 Archers, so what is it?? 😀 Summoned Skeletons look very similar to Wall Breakers, they are more likely to be Barbarians because they have a similar look, stance and attacking style. This is probably the best way to face the additional and stronger Wizard Tower after the update. It’s very funny to see how this skeletons do they job.

Check out the video, when you can see the best strategy with The Witches and Skeletons 🙂


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