Clash of Clans – New December Update LOOT SYSTEM


Already we introduced many changes in the new Clash of Clans update 2015. We have seen changes of the Shield, Town Hall lvl 11, Village Guard. Now we will show you ”HUGE PART” of Update and it’s NEW LOOT SYSTEM.


New LOOT SYSTEM changes

  • Loot is also distributed to the Town Hall now (Town Hall will no longer keep 1000 Golds and 1000 elixirs)
  • Our Maximum loot is without changes
  • The Town Hall now contains a part of loot equal to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the Dark Elixir Storage. (The TH now can keeps up to 1,600,000 golds, 1,600,000 Elixirs and 50,000 Dark Elixirs).
  • The higher TH level is, the more loot it can storage.
  • Goblins now target the Town Hall and Clan Castle like other Storages.
  • Available loot percentage of TH6-10 has been increased.
  • Higher TH level players now get less loot from smaller TH level players.
  • You can find targets at a 2-TH-level difference (good news, the Loot Bonus Farming Strategy still works fine!)

I really don’t know that i like it, but i’m already looking forward to the new update.

Look at the video and comment below your opinion  🙂



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  1. if you want to increase the loot in town hall then increase it to 10000 or make 5% of the total storage
    this is the request please

    • No it doesnt people are just attacking heavier and with being able to keep sheild after an attack sucks even more because revenge has low possibilities

  2. I think it is a bade idea because some people are bad at both attaching and deffending, you should get more loot not less

  3. everyone in this new update should protect their THs , u wont get shield if your village get destroyed less than 30% even if the th is destroyed.

  4. this new update will suck…
    god damn it..
    you will make this game suck if you will do this…a

  5. I very much like the changes. The changes make overall improvements to game dynamics. Specifically the historical and natural significance of Town Halls and Raiding. Improving them will make the game stronger because it’s closer to reality.
    Natural systems work better.
    The Town Hall should play a central ‘most important’ building role in relation to other buildings. It’s purpose should be of a Town Hall. It forces the respect it deserves not an irrelevant cog.
    Looting and Raiding like wise has its place. Strong and significant attacking should be required to acquire loot. The game wants stronger attackers/defenders and rewarding destruction % and ‘significant army’ seems appropriate if it forces one to be a good attacker to gain loot and good defender to protect it. I cite, Life isn’t free, survival of the fittest, and evolution as exemplary.
    I know this game is fantasy but the internal logistics take their design from a very human reality that existed for a very long time that has proven strongly functionable. I believe the game has a better future going this way, to many will find a sedentary weakness to exploit in the game and will make the Clash of Clans become likewise.

  6. I forgot to add, Cole I hoped to address you as I respect your significance to our community

  7. Terrible update for anyone level 8 and below. Higher town halls with lower trophies are crushing smaller guys to take tons of loot. Casual gaming is over and revenge is useless since attacking only drops 3 hours off shield. This encourages high town halls to keep low trophies to suck off the little guys. Lower town halls cannot build up resources to level up as they are always looted. Disgraceful. This only benefits the strong already. Also higher rewards for higher trophies is useless since they can raid and steal more resources than rewards being offered.

  8. not good, since the offered bonus loots down to percentage, it was the only chances of the small townhall to loot more for upgrade by just th hunt. but since the december upgrade, i lost my appetite to play coc… it sucks!!!!

  9. This new update is terrible we don’t like it alot of people are saying they will probably quit soon

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