Clash of Clans – New Hero REVEAL! ( Town Hall lvl 11 Update)


Supercell already show a lot of Sneak Peek’s for huge Clash of Clans Update 2015. Today, we look at the one of the most important news and it’s a NEW HERO called the Grand Warden. 

Hero, who will come in the Town Hall 11 Update.  The Grand Warden is upgradable to level 20 by using elixir and can attack both on the ground and in the air, giving him plenty of flexibility since he’ll fit in a variety of army compositions. In terms of stats, at level 20 the Grand Warden has 110 damage per second with only 2000 hit points.



  1. Life Aura: Troops within the aura receive an HP buff. If they leave the orange circle radius, they will lose that buff.
  2. Ability: Eternal Tome: Troops within his aura are temporarily invulnerable – including him.

While the Grand Warden’s own HP and Damage Per Second (DPS) are not the highest, the Grand Warden earns his place in Clash of Clans strategy with this abilities.

Unfortunately, this power-up boost does not extend to traps, but it will allow troops being targeted by Inferno Towers to be healed. Tomorrow we’ll get to see his defensive abilities. It will be very interesting, so be excited.

Check out the gameplay of the Grand Warden on offense below.



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  1. “Very much impressive.I m excited to have Grand Warden’s in my clan.”you guyz have really done Awsm wrk.its just grt!

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