Clash of Clans – Town Hall lvl 11 !NEW SHIELDS UPDATE! Sneak Peek


Today, we will focus on Clash of Clans HUGE SHIELD CHANGES in the Winter 2015 Update SNEAK PEEK! These changes are very important, because it brings a new view of the game. I’m excited about these changes and what do you you think?New Winter 2015 Update is coming soon. It seems that around December 3. In previous articles we have introduced many changes, that come with the new update, as Town Hall lvl 11, new strong defensive tower… But i think that changes of SHIELD will be most important!

NEWS: Town Hall destruction no longer grants a shield. No shield is given if attacker does not deploy 50% of a full army. Attacking while shielded reduces 3 hours from remaining shield time. Benefits to shield changes? More targets with better offers (loot/Trophies).

I personally was not pleased with the news, but we must accept this changes and take a new challenge. I believe that many of you will like this change and you can enjoy it more. If you are interested in news, tactics and much more of Clash of Clans watch this page

Look at the video and comment below your opinion of this NEW SHIELDS  🙂


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