Clash of Clans Official Town Hall 11 Look & UPDATE REVEAL!


Check out the Clash of Clans news in the form of TOWN HALL LVL 11 Look & UPDATE REVEAL! “TOWN HALL 11 + NEW HERO + NEW DEFENSE!” Look at this and comment below 🙂 


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  1. The defense is not that cool it looks like not belong to the village, i think you can change it like catapault or else

  2. lol… town hall level is 5…..this is amazing…any girl playing this game…join my clan (king 1322)…its beautiful town hall i really appreciate it.!!!

  3. Allow pikka level 4 for th9…. New th looks know but u guys have to change in new defence system it works good but I don’t like the design sorry…..

    • Eh bien non pas de pluie et une magnifique Nuit des Contes encroe e0 Clans! Merci aux organisateurs, merci aux conteuses, merci aux fide8les oreilles venues nombreuses!

  4. I am witting for th 11. But I did not got loot now a days now I am 7 full max
    ” plz help me………… For loot

  5. Nice but i think the town hall 11 looks like clan castle, change it. better to change the lesser beam defense to any defences…

  6. whats the name for the new defence…..?all these years we hav been waiting for new heros and new dark troops ….

  7. Awsome th11…but expected ita like th10 but water instead fire….but let it be . Its cool…as well new troops and defense..i got th7 and th8…clan name THE ANTI-CLAN AND acc name freestyler10 and 1.0

  8. update for a new battle at battle ground Army to Army not for gold and elixir loot

    and and upgrad take too many time anything update for join two builders together on one thing to descres time 1 day to 12 hours.
    plz thank you

  9. That’s a cool ton hall can you guys fix my and make it the same as that one please and make my town hall update please

  10. the game is good….but it should be ready for a pc version…..there is no way to play this game like other pc games in computer…..admins should think about it.

  11. please give on Microsoft mobiles on game store
    cause I have Microsoft mobiles and I can’t play clash of clans
    please please add on microsoft

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