Clash of Clans – New level 9 Wizard Tower and Laboratory SNEAK PEEK


We have here new Sneak Peek from Supercell. This time we’ll see a lot of new December 2015 Update. You will see upgraded New look of Town Hall lvl 11, lvl 9 Wizard tower, lvl 9 Laboratory and new level of storages.

The latest look of Town Hall lvl 11


LEVEL 9 Wizard Tower


LEVEL 9 Laboratory


LEVEL 12 Elixir Storage


LEVEL 12 Gold Storage


The new Storages will hold a total resource capacity of 10 million on Town Hall 11, so we don’t have to expect any new Storages and the max number will be 4 of each kind.

Do you like this Upgrades?? Comment below  🙂 





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  1. yea i liked it but one question since there is a new labratory is there going to be a new upgrade of barbarian,archer and other more? 🙂

  2. Nice but I think that must take a long time for being upgrade..but it OK..5 star game ever..


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