Hello guys, welcome you back and today i want to show you some special in Clash of Clans.  You can build many version of your village, but i will show SUPER CRAZY village. Read more and have fun with CoC and

Your Town Hall’s well-being is usually the difference between success and failure. Placing this important building dead center in your village will make it a major target for raiding army troops. You can offer your Town Hall some efficient protection by placing it in a safe corner of your village while it’s protected by a good amount of Walls. If you’re going to go the route of placing it right in the middle of your village, make sure it’s adequately protected by a healthy amount of Defensive Buildings (a couple of Wizard Towers and Hidden Telsa’s should do the trick).

When it comes to protecting your CoC village, a good base layout design does 70% of the job, luck gets you 10% and the remaining 20% is done by knowing your enemy’s mindset and how the game is really played. Now i will show that time when you have no luck and fighting versus absolutely CRAZY, but strong village.

Watch the video and comment below your opinion 🙂


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