Dear Cheaters: You’re Getting Banned from Clash!

The new update that was pushed recently has been able to track down cheaters!


Supercell is waging a war on cheaters that are using “mods” and “bots”. The most recent update that was released around April 23rd for iOS and Android has made it possible for Supercell to find cheaters using these mods and bots. There have been numerous reports and screenshots that show users being banned.

I’m glad they have decided to take down these cheaters that are ruining the integrity of the game. Now it is a level playing field and no one has the upper hand. You just have to clash like you’re suppose to clash.

There are lots of cry babies whining about Supercell taking these cheaters down but you know what CRY! The game wasn’t mean’t to be played this way! Now its time for you to leave the game so we can raid and farm from your base, or you learn how to play like the rest of us! No more cheaters in war, no more cheaters farming. This is a great new development.

There may still be cheaters out there but Supercell has made it well known that they will continue to fight this battle with us.

Here are some screenshots of cheaters that were recently banned, crying about it on the cheater Facebook page.

iOS cheaters get banned messages!

ios cheaters banned

Android cheaters get banned!

android cheaters banned


REPORT CHEATERS! Post comments and screenshots below, let me know what you think!


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