(December 2015) NEWS about update Leaked! Clash of Clans


Hello Friends, today we preset you latest NEWS about update in ”December” 2015 for Clash of Clans. It seems that in December we will see the last update what we are waiting for! Check latest information in video.

Information from The Clash of Clans Dev Team: ,,We realize this update has been a long update in coming, but we are taking the time we need to make sure all of the delicate upcoming changes are as well tested and well balanced as possible. There is also a lot to talk about, so we are going to kick off a 2-week sneak peek schedule starting on the week of November 23rd to get everyone in on the conversation. We want to make sure that we have time to go over everything as we finish up our balancing and testing!”

Look at this video and comment below  🙂 


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  1. coc guys can u adjust the trophy deduction when a lower division at league levels like gold but have a higher level like th9 and th10, and have complete and strong troops that attack my base, its a sure destruction to my base since my level is lower at th8, at the masters league.tnx..

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