Picking up from yesterday’s reveal of Level 7 Minions, today’s Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Update reveal is all about Level 3 Witches. A new level of witches can bring big change to CoC. Read more below  🙂 

The Level 3 Witches look slightly differently, but the main change is that, each Witch can summon up to 10 Skeletons at a time and 5 Skeletons at once and support attacks even more. This is probably the best way to face the additional and stronger Wizard Tower after the update. So the best way is make more than 20 Witches, then you can spawn massive army of skeletons.  The 5 Skeletons would be able to distract a Multi-Target Inferno Tower completely and be a great distraction.

The sheer number of the skeletons as well as their spread will probably have a huge advantage in attacking TH 11 bases that are equipped with the new defense. Players will now be able to search for next enemies to attack with a lesser cost. Those at Town Hall 10 will see a reduced “nexting” cost in the game. Both Chief Pat and Galadon did not specify the exact nexting cost in their Clash of Clans sneak peek.

Watch the video and comment below  😉 

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