December 2015 Update Sneak Peek: New TownHall 11 DEFENSES


The New Sneak Peek from Supercell (clash of clans) is all about defense. We can see New Defense Structures like a Archer Towers lvl 13, Cannons lvl 13, Wizard Towers lvl 9 and X-Bows lvl 4. Read more below  🙂 

The News about defense of Town Hall lvl 11 are here. Finally, we will know how to defend our Villages. In Town Hall lvl 11 you’ll be able to have 8 Archer Towers, 7 Cannons, 5 Wizard Towers and 4 X-Bows (this is a solid arsenal). According to this New Defense it will be very hard to attack TH 11. On the other hand, developers (Supercell) certainly will come with some strong units and maybe spells for massive attack.

At the video, you can see also news about Town Hall lvl 9. TH lvl 9 has a new speel and it’s FREEZE lvl 1. Which as the video says it should be quite the game-changer and should change the meta. It should give an advantage to Town Hall lvl 9 against Town Hall lvl 10. It will be very interesting to watch and play this changes. I personally looking forward for it.

Watch the video and tell us you opinion below  🙂 


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