FEBRUARY Sneak Peak! Better times for Clash of Clans?


Hello guys, we have here a February Sneak Peak for Clash of Clans. There is a lot of changes and i have to say that changes are really good. Many players hate the news in Christmas Update. Maybe they can change opinion after new patch. Watch the video below


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  1. Stop helping defense it’s tough as it is we need more offense giants should be immune to spring traps and golems should be immune to tesla’s they are rocks and electricity should flow through them

  2. I really really love ur game, my wife is asking me, are u taking drugs? Even in midnight ur still awake? Hahaha then the other day I was shocked, she bought me a tablet, ow how sweet, love u coc, love u mama:)

  3. Awesome now we save up Loot for the upgrades of our Buildings .. and Thanks for the additional air defenses in TH 6 and 7 much appreciated it .. 🙂

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