Impossible to LOSE BASE! Hard defense – Clash of Clans


Hello Players, It is not easy to defend our bases on every levels. New units, heroes and spells are stronger now. But what if you knew a tactic how to make HARD DEFENSE and always succesfuly defend your Clash of Clans village. Read more below

I’m with supercell about being against people that push far with just TH sniping. That being said it didn’t stop me from farming. It only makes sense. It gave me the opportunity to add an extra 11 hours of shield to obtain resources. It also was only unique to COC. But now all those people are forced to use a majority of their troops and more than likely you loose a good chuck of your loot. This makes it near impossible to save up for the super expensive upgrades. This is where the problem comes full circle. In order to get that loot and keep it you are forced to buy shields and we know that that takes jems.

Especially, when you want to leveling your village so fastest us you can, you need very good defense. Try to look on video and maybe you will find some inpiration for you next step in Clash of Clans.

Watch the video and comment below  🙂 


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  1. Can you make a th7 ground attack and you just reached th7. Because while waiting for the barracks to be upgraded to 9, i want to know how to ground attack strategy a th7base. Like giants healer archer ground attack

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