Legends League Fails – 49% ZERO Stars Attacks. We Hate It!

It happens to the best of us. When we are at gold, crystal and even maybe champs, its not bad. But at Legends League?!

Legends League Fail

We’ve all been there. You’ve been in battle for over two minutes and you only have 30 seconds left with 45% and 0 stars. You only have 2 archers left..WHAT CAN YOU DO! Now imagine that but at LEGENDS LEAGUE! The amount of hustle you need to get to Legends League and needing an additional 1% so you don’t lose trophies.

But lets face it, more often than not…you end up losing those trophies, those wars, those loot bonuses. Heck you mind even drop from Legends League.

Once again we have another compilation of 49% fails from Galadon and his fellow clashers. Many of those in Legends League. THE PAIN!!!!

WATCH: 49% Fails. Thank you Legends for entertaining us.

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