New Hero: The Grand Warden DEFENSE MODE! Clash of Clans


Yesterday, we showed you one of the lastest sneak peek for Town Hal lvl 11 Update by Supercell and that was about offensive abilities for New Hero called The Grand Warden. Today you can look on the defensive mode of The Grand Warden!

So we already know how the Grand Warden offensive abilites looks like. Now we will look to defense mode of new hero in Clash of Clans. So mainly is that the Grand Warden will turn into statue like a Tower, when he goes into defense!  Hero can go into air or ground mode, and he’ll turn into a statue in both modes. The Grand Warden is not as common assault tower in Statue, he is dealing damage plus buffing all Heroes, Clan Castle Troops and Skeleton Traps with his passive extra health buff, which should help strengthen your villages’ defenses considerably. While in the form of a statue, he has a 7 tile attack range. At level 20, he does 110 DPS. His form of attack is point, not splash. A point defense targets 1 troop at a time. Unlike the other Heroes on defense, the Grand Warden acts as a defensive structure, which means that troops such as Golems, Giants, Hog Riders, and Balloons will all target ” The Statue” on defense. 

Watch the video and comment below  🙂 


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