New Troop (March 2016 Leaked) – Ice Wizard?! Clash of Clans


Hello guys,

Recently, another big update Clash Royale was released and it had quite a few new units, which will be introduced in the next update. Now, what is really interesting is that one of these soldiers may actually be another clash of clans troops as well. Why do I have reason to believe it? I remember well when the developer Jonas and supercell confirmed that it is indeed working on a new dark forces to Th10 and also that the troop had been in fights before Royale soft start, which means that only supercell knows what is new troops.
Now it’s reasonable to think that now, because of collision Royale is launched worldwide next month they are going to re-introduce this new section of Clash of Clans is also releasing a new section in the next update, as it also stated that the update is will most likely be in April. So what that means another big update Clash Clans Clash Royale coincides with a major update and the global market. Candidates for a new dark forces include: Guide the ice giant Royal and Dark Prince!
Watch the video with possibly New Troop: ICE WIZARD! Comment below and tell us your opinion


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