New Update RECAP! (Town Hall 11 Update) Clash of Clans


The Clash of Clans new update should be coming out 10.december, so we must recap all sneak peeks from Supercell. There is a lot of BIG changes in new December 2015 update. Read more about it.

December 2015 update for Clash of Clans

1. Town hall no longer grant a shield when is destroy in battle.

2. New shield will be granted according to percantage points of your destroyed base ( 12hrs/14hrs/16hrs of shield for 30%/60%/90%).

3. Attacking while shielded deducts a small amount of shield per attack!

4. Village Guard acts as if you’re online, even if you close the game.

5. Personal Break moved from 6 hours to 3 hours.

6. League Bonuses increased, but now based on % damage. 70% of damage = full bonus!

7. Town hall will contains a solid amount of loot – protect it!

8. Trophy Offers are more balanced = no more 1 trophy offers!! That’s my favorite change.

9. Map Expansion from 40 x 40 to 44 x 44.

10. Spell donations available at Town Hall lvl 8 (Clan Castle level 4).

11. Boosting – 5 gems = 1 hour of boost!

12. New achievements – Anti-Artillery + Spell Donations.

13. Healers will be less effective when stacked on the same target!

14. Maximun Amount of Resources – 10,000,000 gold/elixir at Town Hall lvl 11.

15. New Defensive structures ( Archer Towers lvl 13, Cannons lvl 13, Wizard Towers lvl 9 and X-Bows lvl 4).

16. Minions level 7 – Minions is best used as a supplement in the attack . In large quantities can greatly help you. In the Update they will have also new coller look.

17. Witch level 3 – up to 10 Skeletons at a time and 5 Skeletons at once

18. New Hero – The Grand Warden

19. Eagle Artillery Defense – really strong defense tower!


Update is coming soon, so what do you say about changes?? Comment below  🙂 



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