UPDATE: Best TH8 War Base & TH8 Farming Defenses 2016

ANTI-HOG, ANTI-DRAG, ANTI-GOWIPE, Get the best TH8 defenses for farming and WAR!

Best TH8 War Farming Base Defenses in 2016

Town Hall 8 (TH8) is one of the longest Town Halls you will stay at during your Clash of Clans journey. So it makes since many people want to know what are the best TH8 war bases and TH8 farming defense bases that will protect your resources and win clan wars. Now that we are no longer able to leave the Town Hall outside, that means your defenses will definitely need to be improved.

This will be a slightly longer article on how to get your TH8 base up to par with your other fellow clashers but I will make sure to highlight all the aspects you need to know, both for farming and for clan wars. There will also be additional content like TH8 war base designs and farming designs.

How to build a great TH8 war base?

The setup for your Town Hall 8 war base that you especially need are two things. One set of double giant bombs, which are used to destroy hog attacks. And you need to spread out your air defenses but keep them in the center to prevent dragon attacks. These are the two most effective and used attacks that TH8s use. To help with dragon attacks, you would also want to put archer towers behind the air sweeper and have the air sweeper point at two air defenses. This way they either have kill those air defenses and get killed by the archer towers, or kill the archer towers and take a long time to kill the other two air defenses.

  • Place a set of double giant bombs inside of your base.
  • Make sure single giant bombs are inside and can’t be triggered outside.
  • Place air defenses inside and behind resources. Resource storage takes longer to kill.
  • Place archer towers on the opposite side of where your sweeper is pointing or opposite of where attackers are likely to come in.
  • Don’t use too open bases, utilize resource storage to protect defenses.
  • Place clan castle in a location they can’t trigger.

How to build a great TH8 farming base?

Farming bases are a lot similar to war bases now that the new update doesn’t allow TH sniping. The best tips are to use similar war strategies for defenses. BUT you should be placing your resources closer inside your base instead of outside. You will need to place resources on opposite ends, so if they come in from one side, they can’t get to the other side to take ALL your resources. You will have to sacrifice some resources but as long as you don’t lose all of it. It is still a win.

  • Use similar tactics and placements of bombs and defenses as war bases.
  • Place resources on opposite ends and scattered. If they go from one side, they likely can’t kill your whole base with a weak army.
  • Put dark elixir storage in the center.
  • Like war bases try to keep your clan castle in the center so they can’t trigger them.
  • Priority is dark elixir and your resources. Losing trophies unless you’re in Master League or higher, is not important.


Top TH8 War Base Designs We Like:

Top TH8 Farming Base Designs We Like:


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  1. I’m sure everyone else noticed that this isn’t a TH8. Farming bases are relative now to trophy league. I’m not sure there is a sure farming base any longer.

    • He’s TH9 but he only uses buildings and such available to a TH8. I just recreated this exact setup on my TH8.

    • Even though i did not make any prncodtiies about the match between Arsenal and Chelsea, my summary about the game is simple. Arsenal did all the playing as usual, but couldn’t deliver the goals (the story of our team)>>>>The gunners marshaled every aspect of the game and lacked the van pierciness to get the ball behind the net. Chelsea can swim in their glory for now, but they should watch out for the gunners (who still need a finisher) 2-1 isn’t a bad score line, but we could have done better.

  2. does anyone know how COC calculate the loot?
    my base TH9 within 1.5m elixir robbed with lot about 500k.
    but no mattet how many times I search city to loot, even with full storage looking. there is only about 200k loot availabe. so what wrong with my TH?
    my league is crystal 2

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