Overpowered Strategy: GOWIVA Destroys Max TH11 Base

New update means new attack strategies. These guys learned to destroy max Town Hall 11 bases.

Gowiva At Town Hall 11

If you’re looking for one of the new overpowered strategies from this month’s most recent update…heres a quick glimpse. You’ll be witnessing some destruction and annihilation of bases with GOWIVA. Some of these will involve max troops and max bases but some are also slightly lower level, so you may have some hope you can do it one day if you’re stuck on TH8(LOL!). 

MYSTLC7 has joined up with Clan U.S.A to show us some of the most awesome attacks on MAX TH11 bases. It is awesome to see Valkyries finally being used other than to take out some air defenses or being used for defense in clan wars. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.



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