Top LVL 10 Clan Destroyed! 359 Wins and 17 Win Streak Broken!

CamaroBro’s clan BarbarianParty Destroys a top level 10 clan on a 17 win streak!


When you get matched up, one thing you quickly check is what level clan they are. Level 10? Ok, So they are high level, maybe they’ve loss a lot. Oh shit, 359 wins?! Ok, lets see how they’ve been doing recently…17 win streak?!?!?!!!!! We’re screwed. That’s how most match ups work. But BarbarianParty was tough enough to take this clan down.

Cam’s BarbarianParty took it to another level and was able to notch 57 stars and could’ve gotten 58 if Cam wasn’t so greedy to get war loot! joking. Check out Cam’s recent video on the different attack strategies used on anti 3 star bases like GOVAHO.


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