UPDATE: Coming Soon, Attack Clanmates, Friendly Challenge, MORE!

New update coming soon will allow you to attack your own clanmates and set up challenges.

may/june update attack clanmates

Supercell is releasing another update, this will a feature additions that involves attacking your clanmates, friendly challenges and also making private clan competitions. This is huge for clans and will change the way clans communicate and interact with one another. For full details read below.

Edit: Judging by how Supercell rolls these updates, I anticipate the update to be pushed Live within 2 weeks. That is a guess!


Issuing a Friendly Challenge:

To invite your clanmates to attack your village, look for the new “Challenge” button at the top of Clan chat. You can choose between your active layout or any other valid saved layout, including War Bases. Add some custom text (or don’t) and post the Friendly Challenge to the Clan chat. Simple!

Once posted, any member of your Clan can accept the Friendly Challenge and launch an attack against your chosen layout. Don’t worry, they won’t be able to steal any of your resources or Trophies. Any troops you have in your Clan Castle at the time you post will be used as defensive troops, but you won’t lose those either.

Accepting a Friendly Challenge:

When you accept a Friendly Challenge, you will attack your clanmates village using your current army. Everything you deploy will be returned to you after the battle, so don’t hold back!

The replay and results of your attack will be available in Clan chat. Of course, if your Clan can’t wait that long, they can watch the attack live.

Practice, Perfect and Experiment!

Friendly Challenges will provide you with an awesome way to improve your attacking skills, perfect your defensive layouts, experiment with different troops or just have fun. Test out different army compositions, new layout ideas, or try something crazy! Clans can arrange competitions, or just have friendly back-and-forth duels.

We hope to see Friendly Challenges widely used! We see the ability to practice attacks at any time helping to motivate new attacking and defending strategies, and help Clans get even better at playing together.

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