(WHY UPDATE?) – The Biggest Fail Ever in Clash of Clans?


Hello friends, it’s good to see you again in new year 2016. But i think, that’s not happy new year for Supercell. Unfortunately, I have mixed feelings about Christmas Update. Many players stopped play or can’t install a new Update on their mobiles. Today we look at controversial situation in ”NEW” Clash of Clans. So read more below.

Almost every day before Update, we brought you all Sneak Peeks. It was very interesting to watch your reaction to the coming changes, but no one expected what was coming up patch released. Before Update most of the players claimed that Clash of Clans is the best game of all time. And now? Most of the players HATE THIS GAME. We all thought that the update will be great, but holds the balance. It did not happen! We have to believe that Supecell will wake wp and make some balance. The problem is Supercell support never answers the questions. When i ask, they just send me 3 paragraph essays that don’t even get close answering what I asked. I am very disappointed. So i believe in better times for our lovely Clash of Clans.

Watch the video to see the controversial news. Tell us your opinion in comments


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  1. i dont like the new update, the shield the bunos! then now i cant upgrade cuz of that shit shield.. we decided to play dota ang stop coc!

    • Ahhh, the joys of paperwork .it never stops! I just rezliaed when reading this that Max and Maddox are very similar in age .when is Max’s bday? Maddox’s is July 27. Anyway, I love seeing what he is up to and how he is adjusting. And David seems to have adjusted well MK, hmmmm, we are all curious as to how that is going to present itself!

  2. the problems because many of other player purchases gem now the developer became richer and richer then we some player who just stick to the game who do not purchase gem are all down to extinct u know why because if they play style wil be base on purchasing gem to get up that to far like the tetris gane became low bec of the update because of many player who purchase cash same with this game

    ups time,loot cost to ups specially walls that way to expensive

  3. Its very hard to find dead base pls. Bring it back like before ….. Thats why the oder players stop playing COC pls do something ASAP

    • They’ve removed dead base. If you’ll be able to find one, that’s just a new dead base of an annoyed coc player. (~.`)

    • My highest looti g raid is 700 , 000 thats for gold and elixer . Looting is fun but it takes time . 10 – 50 searches . Clash of Clans will be soon adding another dark troop so staytuned

  4. I thought the latest update is kinda sucks…looting is harder than before because you’ll have to spend more time on the game to avoid your village to be raided.. one more thing that I hate the most concerns on the shields issue..why is it that supercell impose a personal break everytime you have a too long unshielded base..its like making a way that others can easily attack your village during that personal break..not like before that you can only be attacked if you go offline…

    • The impose personal break so that if you are using another application, namely xmod, you’ll be kicked out. You’re base is then is open for attacks. They assume that an unraided base for a long time is using the said app.

  5. I’ve got players quitting every day because of the loot problem. Please get this fixed! It’s getting impossible to upgrade

  6. Im max th 10 but not interested to upgrate my th as there is no loot.
    Not even a single one of my friends and clan mates are not happy with the new update.

  7. I sent coc a message letting them know how I felt about the changes. Their reply to me was they felt they made the game more fair for everyone. And that they can’t please everyone!!!!!! I was very disappointed!!!!!!!!!

  8. If they didnt answer what you were asking. Why didnt you reply back saying

    You didnt answer my question

  9. I’ve noticed since update troops not doin what there suppose to skipping over there targets for other targets in front of them. Giants walking around defenses. The loot thing is big cause you almost have to take a big army to loot because everyone is protecting everything.

  10. I completely agree with you, I used to love the game before the update, now I don’t even play it and my base is abandoned. Probably won’t play it again!

  11. Higher the loots for war win bunos,show all the online members in chat room..so we notice if member is online or not..give some special or more loots etc.or special treatment for all leaders..leaders should not same to any members or coleaders..I think it more fun..

  12. farming now is very difficult. i have 5 village i used to play but now i already uninstall it because of Dec. 10 update. bring back the old one, maybe i will played it again

  13. Im an adult that plays this game i loved it so much i had 3 accounts..first day after update i lost 35,000 dark elixir..it makes it impossible for me now to get upgrades i dont even want to raid cus i dont want to lose my shield..and when i do lose it i dont get time to get one attack in..not happy with the shield thingy…not sure if i will keep playing

  14. I have finally gotten use to the stupid time limit of being on playing. But the hour gem boost for heros and camps I Still Dislike Very Much! The other thing as you have stated in the the video is getting loot. I have level 30 heros, level 6 troops and max dark troops and a dead base kicks my ass. It has never taking this long to get loot do upgrades. I have recently upgraded to TH10 and I can barely keep enough elixir on hand to build troops for looting. I cannot even upgrade regular troops or camps.

  15. I have no problem with the update u are right u dont get to farm with nothing but archers on dead bases anymore but come on if u build a real army u can still find lots of loot myself i farm with gowipe attacks and if u get up in higher leagues u get a decent bonus also

  16. Really feels like a money grab, had many accounts and loved the game, update has ruined it for me. Won’t buy gems not when you take the fun away.

  17. I really don’t like the new update. I can’t play all day to get loot for an upgrade and it sucks. I’m dissappointed.

  18. Loot sucks, for raids. U have to use a war combo making rest of troops worthless, ruined a fun game to make dang money. Used to love playing N raiding. Now it’s not worth raiding. Wars match ups are not very even. So wars blow too.. need to fix clash of clans!!!

  19. The new updates are fine exept for the shield. After the update many people can’t upgrade because they get attacked one after another losing coins and elixer. Please go back to the old shield system so if they take the town hall you lose a star and have a 12 hour shield.

  20. What they need to do is let people leave th outside again. That’s the only way I could ever save up to 7-8 million in resources. Making bigger loot bounses and war loot doesn’t do enough. The game is real frustrating now.

  21. I like that update th’s can’t be leave out … That’s what all of you are crying about because you now you have to raid properly and you can’t .

  22. I’ve gone from playing coc on 2 accounts extensively, using the farming stratergy to not playing at all as there is just no point. By the time you have spent ages to find a few bases worth raiding for the loot you have no shield which intern leaves you completely vulnerable until someone destroys a big chunk and takes more than you get from farming. Resources are currently gemmed due to the cheap 1 gem boost. Popping the bubbles is all I do at this point in time. It’s sad that it has come to this!

  23. What the real issues is that you lose a lot more than what you can make and what’s the point on losing over half of what you got? that is why I have stopped playing. And it takes way to long to build the stuff at the same time. and there are a ton of cheaters out there I can see if I am a level 80 and I get attach by a level 120 or 130 what is that all about I can’t hit them back cause my guys are not good enough to go after them i gotten killed in a matter of 30 seconds. So I have just given up.

  24. I think supercell knows the update sucked and that’s why they did the 1 gem collectors boost so people can get loot

  25. Well said, horrible update. Whomever was project manager on this should lose their job. 3 year player…rarely play anymore.

  26. All my resources are for grabs i have all my storages wide open
    i will never play this game again!

  27. They say they made it fair there full of shit. It was a way for them to make more money but I have spent money on this game but I will never spend an other dime on this game. This was the best game ever but now the game sucks and I’m done playing and I’ve played the game for three years bye supercell l.

  28. It was a failed update… in the last version, you were given a choice to become a farmer or a throphy hunter… but now you have no choice but to attack to get a few loots and loose your throphy…

  29. most of these guys who are whining about the new update saying no more loot and shield time sucks are those lazy farmers who are using BOT to play. i guarantee these guys only play COC during wars. screw you, there are more loots and bonus are much higher.

    for those who are quitting please dont forget to put your storages and mines outside. 🙂

  30. I agree with most. This game is not as fun as it was before the update the shield thing is a crime sure u can raid and still have a shield but u have to lose your loot to get a sheild. Also the wars seem not to be as fair anymore. Max th9s paired up with new th9s what gives. And i too will not buy any more gems until its fixed starting to be like candy crush have to pay money to move forward.

  31. Makes players play…interesting to see all the farmers up in arms about this update. They’ve learned they can’t play the game based on ACTUAL intelligent raiding. I’ve had no problems getting loot and upgrading..gaining dark elixir is a pain..but so is life

  32. I’m not sure where u guys are looking but the loot has been epic this week. Myself and others in my clan have been finding huge hauls. The game is different for certain but its still Clash. Barch On!

    • That’s from the o e gem boost. I was hitting 800k + elix and gold, and 5k de. That hasn’t lasted. The game is geared toward gemmers. I can’t imagine trying to start a new base with the game like this. If you can’t attract new players and you have annoyed your current players to the point they quit, its gonna be a dead game, just a matter of time.

  33. After the new update i was not able to donate in war……..i was not finding dead bases……and that’s suck…….108 was my xp lvl and now i stopped playing because it was getting boring and much……

  34. This new update didn’t make it more fair for everyone! This update was for SUPERCELL to make more money! Bring back farming! Unless you buy gems, everything takes forever to save up and upgrade anything! The game is now geared towards people who buy gems. im a pretty upgraded TH9 with a pretty decent base and I get demolished constantly! Thank you for the winter gem boost on the collectors, but that doesn’t make up for after the boost is over. I will not spend another dime on this game if this is the path SUPERCELL wants to go.

  35. everyone complaining are a bunch of lazy and/or dumb fucks. I started playing mid Nov, casually playing until my friend dragged me into his clan. Started to seriously farm about start of dec at th5, then rushed to th7. Between then and now I have not found it that difficult to farm. I just read up on effective farming strats like barch or giant-archer-wb and works well for me. I’ve only purchased gems for the sake of buying the builders, and an extra 500 when the 1 gem boost came out. Still not having problems and all my builders are busy and research pumping away.

    This isn’t a casual game you cheap casuals… This is a Strategy game. USE. YOUR. BRAIN. (If you have one)

    Though thanks for quitting, I’ve seen an increase in dead bases from all ranges I play (1100-1700). Free farm for us who has a brain!

    • You’re a TH 7 of course it’s easy for you to upgrade. Some of us have lives. Families that we pay attention to. We can’t spend every second of the day attacking to make one upgrade every other week. This game is busted. If it wasn’t why are there 100s of thousands of people complaining about it. We aren’t whining. We just want the game back that we love. You’ve been playing a few weeks ago keep your ignorant noobie opinions to yourself. Fix this shit supercell.

  36. Supercell supersucks. I guess after creating a turd like boom beach, they thought it was time to take their flagship game and turn it I to a bigger turd. I’d guess that’s the last successful game they will ever produce.

  37. After 3 years I deleted it due to this pathetic update that was formed to there benefit but will back fire in time.

  38. Make ur base hard to be raider play continously on free times i still get 3m per hour with 2 barracks on boost.

  39. Really guys? Really? You guys complain because you can’t Barch and leave your town hall outside anymore? Please tell me more about why you don’t know how to defend your base and have a proper army composition to get more loot. Because in my end I get a ton of loot all the time since after the update. Clash is doing a good job after the update. The game went from boring farmer bases to “Prepare your anus” type of bases. Farming is not dead either, learn how to patience you scrubs.

    • Lazy fellas them…lol
      Beating dead snakes isn’t bravery and so is easily looting DEAD bases. Dead bases are like lost heritage and u don’t attack heritage unless u r a moron. Coc is still my fav. game!!

  40. 1st time i play COC wit my fren n i play every nite at least 4 to 5 hour but now i play went i got shield only, im TH8 now all full, becos of the new upgrade shield i think it very hard to upgrade TH9 n play, now is very hard to go for farming, i think i stop here playing…..

  41. Yes totally agree I am getting fed up the new update crashed my phone they won’t warranty due to that fact there costing players money they have not got back to me I have put over 200 on this game very disappointed

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  42. Please.. update new because the bonus.. is so low … and i dont likethat … maybe the… you can attack your ftriendz .. and be happy
    .. because attacking friendz will enjoyable …. thank you .

  43. Update now update early you need to insert new troops, buildings, and walls … that enable for lowing level…

  44. Who want to quit coc??If u don want to play it after the update pls give me ur acc cauz i need reinforcementa trooops from ur acc..Pls..I hope u can give me one..Tq.

  45. i still enjoy coc .. but my consern is tthe time in trainning troops and troop house spacing .. can you plz lessen it ?? plzzzz

  46. My experience is that it’s so hard to loot this days.. I hope it will get better soon after the next update.

  47. The bugs are also not fixed when ever i clicked at my town hall my game stops working
    Now how i will upgrade my town hall
    My th 8 base is tottaly maxed out and can’t even change base properly

    • Oh, they’re rellay close. Max is July 16. You guys are rellay getting close to travel! Can’t wait to follow your trip. Should be quite an adventure with 4 kids! I’m sure MK will do fine. We have our moments (and I’m sure you’ll have yours), but how exciting for her to have a mei mei from China. David rellay loves that he and Max share that.

  48. Fun u coc, wasted all this time building a base and maxing walls each level just to lose all my loot because shield is stupid. You’re literally punished for having a good defense and not being able to afford gummed shields. Hope this game tanks and you go bankrupt greedy stupidcel. Dumbest update since the game started.

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  50. Latest update proves that it’s easier arguing with a spoiled 12 year old brat than with Supercell. Clash is consistently going from bad to worst. My whole lv 6 clan has given up on Supercell. Tired of the BS. We will never consider trying anything associated with Supercell ever again. After 2 years I am done. 3 accts gone. Lv6 clan from 40+ members also done. Supercell has proven itself to be a company not to be trusted & best avoided. If they treat their best and most loyal fans like crap, what other choice do we have? Thanks Supercell for showing your true colors.

  51. My clan…my 2 year clan, is crumbling since update. My 3 star attackers struggle to 2 star now. My 2 star attackers struggle to get 1. It isn’t fun…no strats work, and my members want to quit the game. this game has meant so incredibly much to me, but I don’t enjoy playing it anymore either…I play for my members, but when they leave, and many are a hairs breath away from doing so, I will too. I’m heartbroken.

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